15 Tips To Improve Attention Span In Children

  1. Organise the child’s room, table or desk to minimize environmental distractions. 
  2. Practice breaks – Make sure the information is not given in one stretch. 
  3. Use physical, verbal, visual cues to ensure the focus of the child. 
  4. Give out the information in an interesting, fun and creative manner. 
  5. Make sure the child reserves adequate amount of sleep every night. 
  6. Encourage activities and games that can engage the child in quite longer periods of time. 
  7. Set a timer or keep a watch or clock nearby and show the child in how much time he/she has to complete a given task. Try to make it easy and fun. 
  8. Moderate the level of difficulty of the tasks from ‘very easy to very difficult’, as the child progresses in being attentive on tasks for a given period of time (set reasonable time goals/targets). 
  9. Try to spend outdoor time in natural environment such as, parks. 
  10. Make sure that child is provided with multiple levels of guidance, like with verbal cues, physical prompting etc. 
  11. Help to keep the child’s level of motivation high. 
  12. Reduce the work load of the child that he or she has to complete. 
  13. Allow the child to disengage from the task if not motivated. 
  14. Persistently and consistently discipline the child with the same instructions day by day. 
  15. Engage in attention–boosting games such as ‘Simon Says’ or ‘Champion Distractor’.