Speech Therapy

Expert Speech and Language Therapy Services in Dubai

Speech-language pathologists (SLP) also known as speech therapists, are communication experts who work with individuals of all ages, from infants to adults, addressing a wide array of communication and swallowing difficulties.

A Speech Therapist’s expertise spans various areas and domains:

  • Speech Sounds: Through Speech Therapy Dubai therapists address challenges related to articulation, phonological disorders, apraxia of speech, and dysarthria, ensuring individuals can accurately produce sounds and form words.
  • Language: They assist in understanding and expression, tackling issues such as aphasia in adults and developmental delays or disorders in children including special population (autism spectrum, ADHD, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and other genetic disorders).
  • Literacy: Speech Therapy Dubai pathoologists support reading and writing skills, aiding those with speech and language disorders who may struggle with literacy such as individuals with learning difficulties, dyslexia and dysgraphia.
  • Math skills: Speech and language therapist supports students who face challenges  or problem, known as dyscalculia, in numeracy, such as acquiring the numbers properly and solving the problems. 
  • Social Communication: They work on pragmatic skills, teaching individuals how to navigate social interactions, adhere to conversational norms, and adjust communication based on context.
  • Voice: Speech-language therapists or voice therapist address voice quality concerns, including hoarseness, vocal cord issues, and nasal speech.
  • Fluency: In other words, stuttering, cluttering and wordfinding difficulties. They assist individuals experiencing stuttering/cluttering, helping them achieve smooth, fluent speech patterns.
  • Cognitive-Communication: Speech-language pathologists address cognitive aspects of communication, including memory, attention, problem-solving, and organization.
  • Feeding and Swallowing: They provide support for individuals experiencing difficulties with eating, drinking, and swallowing, known as dysphagia, to prevent nutrition-related health issues.

Collaborative Approach: Who do Speech and Language Therapists Work with?

Speech Therapy Dubai encompasses treatment, support, and care for individuals with communication and swallowing difficulties. Speech-language pathologists as allied health professionals, collaborate with various stakeholders, including parents, caregivers, educators, nurses, occupational therapists, and physicians.

What are the Services Offered by Speech and Language Therapists?

Speech-language therapists offer a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis of clients’/patients’ skills of concern and ensure to provide tailored treatment and support, working directly with clients and their caregivers to assess and address their needs. They develop individualized treatment plans and collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to guarantee comprehensive care.

Who benefits from Speech and Language Therapy?

Speech-language therapists work with diverse populations, including:

  • Babies and Children: Addressing feeding and swallowing issues, as well as assisting with autism, cleft palate, dyslexia, deafness, language delay, learning difficulties, physical disabilities, selective mutism, stammering, and voice disorders.
  • Adults: Providing assistance for communication and swallowing difficulties resulting from neurological impairments (e.g., stroke, brain injury, Parkinson’s disease, dementia), head and neck cancer, deafness, learning disabilities, mental health conditions, physical disabilities, stammering, and voice disorders.
  • Seniors: Speech therapists work with older adults experiencing speech, language, and swallowing difficulties due to age-related changes, neurodegenerative diseases (e.g., dementia, Alzheimer’s disease), or other medical conditions. They help seniors maintain independence, improve communication with caregivers, and ensure safe swallowing to prevent aspiration pneumonia and malnutrition.

In summary, speech-language pathologists play a pivotal role in improving language, communication and swallowing function across the lifespan, working collaboratively with clients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals to enhance quality of life and overall well-being.

At TBC, our Lebanese therapists in Dubai specialize in speech therapy, along with occupational and psychomotor therapy, offering sessions in Arabic, French, and English to assist patients in overcoming their challenges.