Language Disorders

Language disorders affects a person’s ability to express and understand the spoken and written language. Expressive skills indicate the ability to use words, sentences, narrative speech and engage in conversations, while the receptive skills allow the person to comprehend verbal messages.

Consult TBC if:

  • A delay of more than 6 months in the child’s language milestones is observed
  • The child is not saying words at 18 months
  • The child is not building complex sentences at 3 years of age

Our speech therapist is Hanen certified.

It Takes Two to Talk® – The Hanen Program® for parents of Children with Language Delays.

This program is specifically designed for parents of children with language delays. In a comfortable, small group setting, parents will learn practical strategies for building their child’s language skills naturally, throughout their day together.


At TBC, our Lebanese Therapists in Dubai provide therapy sessions in Arabic, French, and English to help clients overcome mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, and trauma, as well as occupational therapy, psychomotor and speech therapy.

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