Body Schema Disorder

Body schema disorder is a neurological disorder that affects how a person perceives their own body components and how they relate to one another. It leads to confusion and distortion in the brain’s processing of body-related sensory information, making it challenging to comprehend body position, movement, and spatial orientation. This may lead to impaired sensory processing, clumsiness, and problems with motor function. Several factors, such as developmental delay, brain injury, stroke, or psychological diseases, may lead to the syndrome.

  • Having trouble identifying bodily parts or their interactions in space.
  • Reduced coordination and issues with balance and mobility.
  • A feeling of a body part or a limb missing.
  • Difficulty in tasks that require motor planning, such as getting dressed or taking care of oneself.
  • Uncontrolled shakes and movement in the body.
  • A feeling that certain aspects of one’s body are not entirely theirs.
  • Difficulty in performing tasks that demand a strong sense of body position or spatial alignment. 
  • Relaxation
  • Motor Exercises
  • Mindfulness practices 
  • Counselling

Therapy benefits people with body schema disorder as it enables them to better comprehend and accept their condition. Individuals can learn to successfully control their symptoms and have an improved connection with their bodies with the aid of various therapeutic modalities. Additionally, counseling can assist people in recognizing and resolving any underlying psychological problems that might be causing their body schema disorder. 

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