Difficulty in Mathematics – Dyscalculia

People living with difficulty in math or what is clinically known as dyscalculia, struggle with learning in the areas of arithmetic and mathematics. Usually defined as a deficit in logical and reasoning abilities, it is also combined with a lack of visual attention. These difficulties are due to genetics, brain injuries or neurological conditions.

  • Difficulty listing numbers in the correct order
  • Difficulty matching numbers and words or matching digits and number of objects
  • Difficulty counting objects
  • Trouble in mathematical operations
  • Trouble manipulating numbers
  • Trouble identifying the sequence
  • Trouble reading and understanding time
  • Trouble handling money and working out change
  • Trouble solving problems
  • Issues in organizational skills
  • Issues in the mental representation of objects or actions
  • Issues with fractions and decimal
  • Issues with mathematical reasoning
  • Issues understanding graphs

The long-range goal of any treatment strategy is to improve the logical reasoning in daily life, by solving math problems and logical situations. This will have an impact on learning properly Math and sciences.

At TBC in Dubai, our Lebanese therapists provide therapy to treat the symptoms of Dyscalculia or difficulty in Mathematics. The therapy sessions are held in English, French and Arabic.

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