How to strengthen and improve your memory?

Memory is an important aspect of our daily lives, and it can be frustrating when we struggle to remember important information. In this video, we will be exploring practical tips and strategies to help strengthen and improve your memory, with a focus on adult therapy.

With her expertise and years of experience, Reine Bou Issa Ghafary, a licensed speech-language pathologist at TBC in Dubai, will share valuable insights on how you can improve your memory through various cognitive exercises and activities.

At TBC, we understand the impact that memory loss and cognitive decline can have on an individual’s life. That’s why we offer comprehensive memory improvement programs for adults to help them enhance their cognitive abilities and maintain their independence.

So whether you’re an individual looking to improve your memory, or a caregiver interested in learning more about how to support a loved one, we invite you to join us on this journey towards better memory and cognitive function.

At TBC, we specialize in neurological cases and offer holistic treatments tailored to each individual. Our team of experienced professionals utilizes evidence-based therapies to help adults and seniors suffering from speech, motor, psycho-affective, attention, and memory disorders. Whether you need speech therapy, motor therapy, psychotherapy, or any other specialized service, we are committed to providing the highest quality care in a compassionate and supportive environment. Join us at TBC and take the first step towards living a better quality of life.