Ghiwa Bou Issa

Psychomotor Therapist

DHA-P- 83801534

Ghiwa is a psychomotor therapist at TBC. She enjoys 10 years of clinical experience with both kids and adults. She also worked in different schools providing screening and therapy for kids with learning difficulties.

Ghiwa has Master’s degree in Psychomotor Therapy from Saint Joseph University.

Areas Of Expertise

Children with:

Rehabilitation of motor and cognitive functions with adults after stoke or TBI

Coaching parents and teachers

Academic consultancy in creating adapted programs for children with special needs.

Languages: Arabic, English and French

Ghiwa holds many certifications including re-education of writing, inhibition and problem solving in psychomotor therapy, sensory modulation disorder for children with an autistic spectrum disorder, re-education of the child’s memory disorder.