Swallowing Disorders

Swallowing Disorder or dysphagia is any form of discomfort and difficulty in the normal swallowing process of food and liquid. Signs include coughing, choking when eating or drinking, or sometimes being unable to swallow at all.

This disorder can be present in children and adults.

  • Coughing and clearing throat while eating or drinking
  • Having a gurgle-like voice while eating or drinking
  • Feeling like something is stuck in throat or chest
  • Requiring more time to chew or swallow
  • Leaking food or liquid from the mouth
  • Leaving food or liquid in the oral cavity after the swallow
  • Suffering from poor oral management and drooling
  • Facing difficulty in breathing during and after meals
  • Inability to maintain lip closure

A speech-language therapist can assess the kid’s swallowing ability, determine the cause of the dysphagia, and develop a treatment plan. Treatment for dysphagia may include exercises to strengthen the muscles used in swallowing, modifications to the texture or consistency of food and liquids, and strategies to help the patient swallow safely.

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